The first time I walked into the Downtown Public Library, I knew I needed to return with my camera. Its shape and curves create a blend of shadows and light that inspired me. I also appreciated the human element of the space. It’s a third place that welcomes all walks of life with safety and warmth.

The day was moody with broken clouds allowing for intermittent bright moments which created the shadow pattern I was seeking. Interestingly, I didn’t catch them hitting the floor despite my midday timing due to the time of year, so I’m going to shoot this space again over the summer.

Something I wanted to capture in my images was a human element to show scale, movement, and activity. To do this I shot with a long shutter speed creating motion blur with the additional benefit of honoring privacy.

Next up I’ll share images I shoot recently at the Salt Lake Masonic Temple. It’s a stunning building filed with history and tradition.


In sociology, the third place refers to the social surroundings that are separate from the two usual social environments of home (“first place”) and the workplace (“second place”).
Downtown Salt Lake Library - Erika Wiggins
Salt Lake Public Library Abstract
Downtown Public Library Salt Lake - Erika Wiggins