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Climate of Hope Exhibit NHMU Lifestyle - Erika Wiggins

One of my favorite projects recently was shooting stills and video of the new Climate of Hope exhibit for Trivium Interactive and the Natural History Museum of Utah. Trivium built the interactive exhibits. 

A Climate of Hope explores the impacts of climate change in Utah before celebrating solutions that have been developed right here in our home state. As guests depart, they are offered opportunities to connect with climate action at the local level. 

The shoot had to be completed outside of public hours so I planned to arrive at the museum at 7:00am and had to be out before they opened at 10:00am. Given the extremely tight timeline, I brought in Wandering Productions to manage the video side so I could focus (hahaha, pun intended) on the still photography.

In addition to a crew of five, we also had four models, two adults and two kids, who interacted with each element of the exhibit while we captured imagery. They had fun checking it all out!

As the sun rose it because harder to avoid reflections on the digital exhibits, however there wasn’t time to set up a curtain for each one…. Hours passed like minutes, and I feared we may need to pivot to a 2-day shoot. However, by 9:15am I realized we were going to pull it off. At 9:45am we loaded all our gear on carts and hustled out before first guests arrived.

I highly recommend planning a trip to the museum to tour the new exhibit. It is permanent, so time is on your side.

Climate of Hope - Aspen - Erika Wiggins
Climate of Hope Exhibit NHMU Exhibit - Erika Wiggins
Climate of Hope Exhibit NHMU - Erika Wiggins

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