4 Benefits of Professional Photography for Businesses


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Whether it’s for your website, printed materials, or social media, professional photography will help your business present itself as reputable.

Additionally, high quality photos can also be used to build your brand on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, your Google business profile and more. They can even be featured in blog posts, newsletters, print marketing. I recently had a client use their images to decorate their office and it looks striking!

Hiring a professional is an investment, but it delivers a great return. Let’s look deeper at why this is true.

Commercial photography includes many disciplines such as:
  • Products
  • Food and drinks
  • Interior and exterior spaces of your business
  • Portraits of key personal
  • Behind-the-scenes shots of your process
  • Events and occasions

4 Benefits of Professional Photography

1) Professional photography builds customer confidence

Quality content whether it’s written or visual will reflect on your business.

If someone visits your website, they’ll have a pretty good idea if your photos are amateur, and it will reflect on your credibility. After all, if you’re skimping on the photography, what else are you potentially skimping on?

It’s a sad truth that since consumers don’t know you and can only go off your online presence, they’ll judge it more critically.

“Can’t I just buy stock photos? They’re professional right?”

Stock photos are helpful for some purposes, they are not the best way to showcase your business because when people visit your website, they want to get to know you! Stock photos don’t help them do that.

Let’s face it, stock photos aren’t authentic and that’s a potential turn off to customers. The best way for them to get to know you is to show them actual photos of your business, your team members, and your products.

High-quality images require more than a good camera. A commercial photographer knows how to make your product, space, and you, shine. A pro can light a scene, use a selection of lenses for different looks, and has a deep knowledge of how to shoot and edit compelling images.


Professional photography empowers you to to tell your story without saying a word.

Oktoberfest Mug - Erika Wiggins
2) Compelling images increase social engagement

The importance of an engaged social media community that shares, likes and reshares your content is monumental. Displaying professionally taken photos alongside your social posts makes them far more likely to be engaged by your desired audiences, growing your brand, and reaching more potential customers organically (as in free).

3) Convenience

Having a library of strong images grab from is extremely convenient when you decide to get creative with your marketing. It avoids the frustration of realizing you’ve used every snapshot multiple times. Some of my clients have me add to their image library on a regular basis so it keeps growing with fresh content. For example, have smaller seasonal shoots done throughout the year so you’re ready for holidays and events.

4) Expert photography helps tell your story

One of the most important aspects of establishing a brand is to clearly convey who and what your business is, while offering something that’s immediately desirable. Professional photography empowers you to do this without saying a word.

If you are ready to have your business professionally photographed or if you have questions about the process of hiring a commercial photographer, please reach out. I’m happy to help!

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